Chuck Leaver is a natural for executive management

March 29th, 2014 - Posted by Admin

Chuck Leaver has a great deal of experience working in the business world. The high tech field is where he has mostly worked, but he has experience elsewhere too. For in excess of three decades, Chuck Leaver has been keeping up with the constant changes that define the high tech field. This is not as simple as it sounds, as high tech is constantly taking leaps and bounds when other industries are stagnating. This means constantly being ahead of the curve in an industry that’s in flux pretty much all the time. Chuck Leaver is a natural for executive management and has proven that, but this is hardly his only area of comfort. He has, in the past, been involved with just about every level of management imaginable. He has worked in these various levels of management for an array of businesses at various times. Chuck Leaver’s experience at the various levels of management have allowed him to more fully understand how the chain of command works and how it doesn’t function when they chain breaks down. It has given him a wider appreciation for business management, as well as a broader perspective.

Recently, though, Chuck Leaver has spent a number of years working in senior management roles. He has a keen understanding of the issues that occur at this level and how to go about handling them. If he comes up against a problem he has not before seen, he has a wealth of experience to consult with.

Chuck Leaver currently is working for a company called Ziften, where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Ziften is a company that provides unique, high quality, software solutions for their clients. Chuck Leaver was already familiar with the company before taking over as CEO, as he had previously served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He knows what is expected of him in his current position. Before working at Ziften, Chuck Leaver was a senior partner at Trellis Partners, which is a venture capital firm based out of Austin, Texas.